20 Skinny Main-Dish Salads

If you are a salad lover, but are tired of eating the same bowl of greens, then these creative and delicious mixes will fill you up with fiber and protein – not calories.


  1. Grilled Chicken and Wheat-Berry Salad

This salad is a great way to get your fill of veggies, fruits, and protein all at once. The yogurt dressing provides a kick of calcium. 

Ingredients: Wheat berries, bay leaf, spinach, green apple, red bell pepper, cucumber yogurt dressing, Dijon mustard, chicken breasts, salt, pepper, green onion

Calories: 332


  1. Artichoke, Edamame, and Asparagus Salad

Shelled edamame are very low in calories and fat, but packed with protein and fiber. Plus, artichokes and asparagus are rich in antioxidants. Toss in light citrus dressing for a little zest.

Ingredients:Garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, salt, pepper, artichoke hearts, shelled edamame, asparagus, Parmesan cheese

Calories: 184


  1. Poached Salmon and Watercress Salad With Dill-Yogurt Dressing

Nutritional powerhouse salmon is rich in protein, heart-helping omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D. This salad is light and refreshing, and doesn’t skimp on zesty flavor.

Ingredients: Celery, scallions, lemon, salt, pepper, salmon fillets, low-fat yogurt, dill, horseradish, olive oil, watercress, sugar snap peas, radishes

Calories: 357


  1. Shrimp with Feta, Radish, Watercress, and Mint

Shrimp is high in protein and very low in fat. Plus, fennel freshens your breath, soothes coughs, and even slim and trim your waistline. Detox never tasted so delicious!

Ingredients: Shrimp, salt, pepper, olive oil, fennel seeds, lemon juice, watercress, fennel, radishes, mint leaves, feta cheese

Calories: 188


  1. Endive, Pear, and Blue Cheese Salad

This unique, savory dish offers a healthy dose of vitamins and good fats. It’s creamy, crunchy, sweet, and perfect for a heart-healthy diet!

Ingredients: Walnuts, rye bread, rosemary, garlic, olive oil, pears, low-fat buttermilk, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, blue cheese, endive

Calories: 235


  1. Two-Bean Greek Salad

Fresh herbs and a grilled pita brin authentic flavor to this mouthwatering Mediterranean dish. Beans add a hearty dose of filling fiber.

Ingredients: Red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, oregano, olive oil, pepper, edamame or lima beans, string beans, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, multigrain pitas, haloumi cheese or ricotta salata.

Calories: 301


  1. Strawberry-and-Arugula Salad with Crispy Prosciutto

Ingredients: Balsamic vinegar, honey, olive oil, salt, pepper, strawberries, red onion, prosciutto, baby arugula, goat cheese or feta



  1. Grilled Panzanella With Arugula, Burrata, Summer Squash, and Olives

This leafy-green mix is packed with antioxidants. Olives add a dose of heart-healthy mononsaturated fat.

Ingredients: Olive oil, summer squash or zucchini, whole-wheat country bread, kosher salt, ground pepper, garlic, white-wine vinegar, baby arugula, black olives, burrata cheese

Calories: 260


  1. Roasted-Squash Salad With Maple Vinaigrette

Who says a salad can’t be rich? Butternut squash, maple syrup, and hazelnuts give you incredible flavor for very few calories.

Ingredients: Hazelnuts, butternut squash, maple syrup, cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, mixed salad greens, Parmesan cheese

Calories: 168


  1. Spiced Pecan and Roasted Pear Salad

Subtle North Indian spices warm up this delicious salad. Pecans are rich in heart-hearthy fats and can promote prostate health.

Ingrediens: Pecan halves, garam masala, salt, pears, sherry vinegar, Dijon mustard, honey, olive oil, watercress, endive, blue cheese, flatbread crackers

Calories: 275


  1. Moroccan Lamb Salad With Carrots and Mint

Lamb, a tender variety of red meat, is rich in the mineral selenium, which may help keep asthma at bay. It’s also a great sources of protein. If you’re tight on time, coarsely grate carrots in a food processor instead of peeling into long strips,

Ingredients: Lean lamb loin chops, garlic, salt, pepper, Greek yogurt, lemon juice, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, carrots, mint sprigs, golden raisins, scallions.

Calories: 227


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