Drink your wine and stay healthy

Have you ever thought about starting a healthy eating and drinking habit without crossing wine out of the list? Don’t worry, there has been many evidence pointing to wine as a healthy form of booze when consumed in moderation. Here’s how you can stay healthy and still enjoy wine.

1. Count the calories

Mostly, wine contains about 130-175 calories per glass. The interesting thing about wine calories is that our bodies digest alcohol differently than we digest food because it is a toxic substance. So when you drink wine, not everything will be absorbed which gives you more positive view about your drinking hobby. And remember, stick to a moderating drinking and don’t go over that. For men is about 2 glasses/day and 1 glass/day for women.

2. Don’t drink before you eat.

Drinking wine before you eat has shown to increase appetite when consumed 30 minutes before eating so save your wine for your meal. Also, having wine on a full stomach will make it so you’ll be less likely to feel the effects and more likely to absorb all of the associated calories.

3. Drink more the dry red wine

Red wine has shown to have much higher antioxidants than other wines and it contains less sugar compared to wine with mellow and sweet taste.

4. Don’t drink too late at night

Alcohol behaves similar to carbohydrates in our bodies, so resist drinking too late. You will also be able to have higher quality rest if you stop all eating and drinking for the day around 8 to 8:30pm.

5. Quality over quantity

If you spend a little more on your bottle of wine, it will encourage you to enjoy it over a period of several days and you’ll tend to treasure each glass of wine you take.

Good luck!

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