Gift hampers

Each of our Hampers represents what Annam Gourmet Market does best: super foods and exceptional wines and spirits, all beautifully packaged and presented in our original packaging collection. From tea, chocolate and biscuits to champagne, wine, spirits and foie gras, each is a first-class feast delivered in true Annam Gourmet’s style.

From little thoughts to exceptional gifts, select the gesture that fits you to celebrate and bring cheers to your customers, friends, family, guests and business colleagues.

Discover our selection of best seller hampers and gourmet gifts by range of price. You can choose directly among these ready-made gifts or just use it as an inspiration.

  • _MG_0160
    829.000đ In Stock

    Delicious Italy


    B130278 Badoit Sparkling Water Glass Bottle (750ml)
    F130292 Ponti Sweet & Sour Peppers (350g)
    F136817 A l’Olivier Basil Infused Olive oil (250ml)
    F136881 Geometry of Pasta White Label Spaghetti (500g)
    F136898 Geometry of Pasta White Label Pesto with Genevese P.D.O Basil (180g)

  • _MG_0151
    1.153.000đ In Stock

    Diner for Spring


    F136888 Geometry of Pasta Black Label Mezze Maniche (500g)
    F136898 Geometry of Pasta White Label Pesto with Genevese P.D.O Basil (180g)
    F130308 Ponti Pitted Green Olives (290g)
    F136823 A l’Olivier Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)

  • beauty
    981.000đ In Stock



    C100337 Maitre Savon de Marseille Authentic Marseille Soaps (300g)
    C100489 YR Energizing Bath And Shower Gel Lemon Basil (400ml)
    C100156 L.P Marseillais Shampoo Fair Hair Chamomile (250ml)
    C100157 L.P. Marseillais Hair Conditioner White Clay & Jasmine (200ml)
    C100440 Marilou Bio Oil Make Up Remover (125ml)

  • gift box
    1.146.000đ In Stock

    Lean and fit

  • _MG_0140
    1.047.000đ In Stock

    Tea Time


    23140511 AG Signature Hazelnuts Blanched Roasted Salted (180g)
    F100429 Bjorg extra- thin corn crackers BIO (130g)
    F133750 Palais de Thés green tea with vanilla and almond
    F107388 McVitie's The Original Digestive (300g)

  • marilou bio
    1.608.000đ In Stock

    True beauty


    C100455 – Marilou Bio Body Scrub (100ml)

    C100444 – Marilou Bio Vanilla Scented Lip Balm (5ml)

    C100440 – Marilou Bio Make Up Remover Argan Oil (125ml)

    C100428 – Marilou Bio Deodorant Vanilla (75ml)

    C100437 – Marilou Bio Gentle Face Scrub (75ml)