How to stay healthy and fit through summer

Summer brings holidays and fun that everyone loves, that’s undeniable. However, when summer comes, you seem to go easy on your habits and diet. So how can you control and have fun at the same time? Let’s walk through this together.

1.Stay hydrated.

Because summer brings up the heat, you tend to loose lots of water by sweating. To be able to keep an active body with radiant skin: DRINK WATER. An average person will need 1.5l – 2.5l per day.

2. The magic of “Five a day”

Summer comes with the lovely long list of fruits and vegetables. So you should take advantage of it. Eating five kinds of fruits/ veggies is doctor-recommended. So take your shopping basket and head up to Annam Gourmet Market. For thoose you want to keep fit for bikini time, try to look for fruits and veggies with less carbs and sugar contains.

3. Be active

The laziness of cold winter and chilling spring will no long exist once you set foot into summertime. So stay active, play some sports in the open, get your own gym buddy or you could always swim in the sea instead of sitting in the long chair waiting for the sun right? Take advantage of the heat, it’ll make you sweat faster and help you say goodbye to those excess calories faster than you think.

4. Always and always apply sun cream

It’s important to use sun cream at least SPF 30 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. No matter how much you love to enjoy the sun, don’t sit in the sun in peak hours between 10am and 4pm in order to minimize UV radiation. Apply sun cream every 3-4 hours if you plan on a long day in the sun.

With all this tips, we wish you an upcoming summer with lots of great food, good times and new adventure 😀

From AGM with love <3


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