As the first Bakery Kitchen Female Supervisor at Central Kitchen, where only prioritizes to recruit men because of the heavy work, Ms.Truong Khanh Quynh, with determination and perseverance, has been realizing her dream and constantly pursuing her passion!

Q: How long have you been doing this job?
A: For more than a year.

Q: What have you been through and the difficulties you have encountered to get to this position?
A: Be a bakery chef is one of the breakthroughs in my life. Before this, I worked in Tourism Industry and spent few years working overseas. During that time, I had opportunities to meet and talk to many pastry chefs, who also oriented me towards the pastry kitchen because this is more suitable for girls. So after 4 years working abroad, I returned to Vietnam and decided to spend a year studying a professional bakery course. I planned to go to Australia to follow my passion when I finished my study. However, due to the pandemic, I could not go then I decided to work in Vietnam. I applied to many places, but I guess fate led me to Annam Gourmet. At that time, there was no vacant position in the pastry kitchen, I was asked to work at the bakery one. Annam Gourmet likes my second family. Everyone supports and helps me a lot. With efforts and a little luck, after 6 months, I became the first Bakery kitchen female Supervisor.

Q: As a supervisor, how did you encourage your staff when they encountered difficulties at work, especially the female staff?
A: I will try to arrange the work suitable for them. I also shared my story to encourage my staff. It is important to find what you love. You may feel discouraged sometimes but remember why you start. Once you have identified your goals and passion, you will overcome them.

Q: The tasks in the bakery kitchen are quite heavy and require good physical strength. So do you feel a bit disadvantaged compared to the male friends?
A: At first, I think physical strength was one of my weaknesses compared to the guys. However, in terms of spirit and dedication, we are all the same. There are many ways to improve physical strength. Efficient task arrangement or team-work are also ways to solve the problem.

Q: How has this work affected your personal life?
A: Pretty much actually, especially during the high season. In the past, I worked in the Service industry, so I understand the specificity and nature of the industry’s work. I always think that no matter what job I do, in the first 2 years, I will devote myself to that job. After that, when I am familiar with the work, I will learn how to arrange it efficiently to balance work and personal life.

Q: What is your future orientation?
A: Maybe I will continue to study, improve my knowledge and professional skills. I also want to experience more in different environments and positions to be a better version of myself.