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From birthday celebrations to other intimate gatherings, our Annam Gourmet Catering Team will exceed your highest expectations in terms of quality and service. Our dedicated catering team will assist you in creating an unforgettable experience for your family, friends, and other guests.

Our 5 star Chef will offer you an exceptional menu based on your desires. All of Annam Gourmet’s dishes are made from top quality ingredients only and are carefully selected by our Chef. We take into account a number of factors including; the number of guests, where the event is taking place (how can we service cheese when we know food will be displayed for two hours on a table in full sunshine for example), who will be present (children? European/Asian ratio? Equipment, crockery, transport). We offer a generous range of international menus unique in Ho Chi Minh.

If you wish to join us in this incredible experience, please contact us at or via hotline 1900 63 64 31.