Get ready for an Oktoberfest at home with good beer, great food and old friends! 

A festive atmosphere could be made simply with some tasty hot dogs and cold cups of beer. Let’s check out some of our special hot dogs recipes.

  • Select your favorite beer

The Oktoberfest festival celebrates the best beer flavors so we have to mention the premium taste of Grimbergen beer, a premium Belgian monastery beer. Grimbergen Abbey beer has reached the highest level of brewing: a unique organoleptic signature with excellent balance and contrast between fruit and spice flavors. Beer enthusiasts will find the subtle spicy flavors that make Grimbergen Abbey unique.

  • Prepare some special Hot Dogs

To have a more realistic Oktoberfest atmosphere, homemade sausage with attractive tastes is indispensable. Annam Gourmet would like to introduce to you some simple sausage sandwich recipes from different countries:

  • Homemade Frankfurter Sausages are made from selected pork and collagen intestines and have a distinctive smoky flavor, served with sauerkraut, a German-style salted red cabbage with a light sour taste, aromatic and soft.
  • Homemade Toulouse sausage is a type of fresh sausage, seasoned with extra spices. These gourmet hot dogs start with a slightly toasted bun slathered in garlic butter and topped with an all-natural hot dog, savory caramelized onions, melted gruyere cheese, and finished off with fresh thyme.
  • Homemade Italian sausage: with the taste of fresh, sweet, and mild, this sausage also has the flavor of sweet basil, tastier when served with toasted sauté potatoes, added sweet mustard sauce.
  • Last but not least, to have a more strange taste, you can try fresh homemade herb sausage.  It is a mixture between floral aromas and ground pork. You will feel the lightness, peace of the flavors that the herb brings.

Once the dishes are ready, call your friends, grab your beers and cheer together. Let’s share memories and celebrate Oktoberfest – the world’s largest beer festival.

Enjoy your Oktoberfest moments, and don’t forget to share them with Annam Gourmet!