This year, we have celebrated many festivals at home, so make sure you don’t miss this world’s largest Oktoberfest beer festival. Let’s get ready to prepare your exciting home-festival with Annam Gourmet!

Oktoberfest is the largest world German beer festival since 1810. Every year, the citizens of Bavaria will hold this festival to honor the best flavors of beer. Plus, it is well-known that beer is the pride and the most characteristic specialty of Deutch national culture. Many people even joked that the Germans have created this Oktoberfest festival to drink beer freely.

What beer should we choose at Home-Oktoberfest?

At Annam Gourmet, you have a diverse selection of beers to choose the one that suits your taste. We provide the high-class imported beers, such as Desperados beer with a rich flavor of the tequila, or Wold Top beer with a distinctive slightly bitter taste, with a light greasy aroma of biscuits and caramel; or Grimbergen White beer with a combination of the acidulated-fermented fruit with floral aromas and vanilla.

Besides, you can choose craft beers with many unique and refreshing flavors, giving you an enjoyable experience.

If you don’t drink alcohol? We also get your back with non-alcoholic beer such as Old Jamaica Ginger beer, especially for those who cannot drink alcohol but still want to experience this festival at home or for pregnant women. 

Bring on the Finger Food!

Drinking beer cannot be complete without a side dish, luxuriously called an appetizer or popularly called a grub. We can drink beer with many different dishes, from savory dishes to light snacks.

Beer & Pretzel: this is the most traditional way of enjoying beer among the Bavarians. The slightly salty, crunchy cake layers creates an interesting texture when enjoyed with beer.

Beer & Savory Sausages: this is a classic combination of two iconic German dishes, so it’s not surprising that they are the perfect pair. The greasy sausage taste will take the rich beer taste to a new level. 

Beer & Roasted Nuts: and of course, the delicious Pam’s mixed nuts are an indispensable choice. With a slightly nutty and salty taste, Pam’s mixed nuts will help soften the beer bitterness so you can enjoy your beer to the fullest.

Let’s enjoy a fun and healthy Oktoberfest at home with Annam Gourmet!