Incredible Benefits Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil That You Shouldn’t Miss

live oil is widely recognized as one of the world’s healthiest oils for wellness and beauty. However, few people know that Extra Virgin olive oil is the highest quality olive oil available today, extracted from olives without heat or chemical processes. Let’s find out the incredible facts and benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil below with Annam Gourmet to improve your health and beauty!

In particular, A L’Olivier Extra Virgin olive oil at Annam Gourmet contains more than 30 essential phenolic compounds, which neutralize the excess of free radicals. Extra virgin olive oil is packed with healthy vitamins, fats, and antioxidants, and these components can contribute to wellness and healthier-looking skin.

Olive oil in cooking:

  • Use olive oil to prepare salads: homemade salad dressing made with high-quality extra virgin olive oil can elevate even a simple salad of arugula, tomatoes, and black pepper to something exciting. You can drizzle olive oil over salads or make salad dressings to add flavor to your diet.
  • Olive oil is a healthy substitute for butter: we can replace butter with olive oil to minimize harmful fats, which cause obesity and increase cholesterol in the blood.

Olive oil for skincare

The best ingredient for vitamins: Olive oil contains many vitamins, including A, D, K, and E, along with phenolic antioxidant properties. Therefore, olive oil can slow down the skin aging process, limit the appearance of wrinkles, and prevent damage from ultraviolet rays. In addition, extra virgin olive oil also helps to moisturize and kill bacteria on the skin to clean pores, prevent acne.

Olive oil for hair care

Scientists rank olive oil as one of five hair conditioning ingredients, which help reduce pressure on the hair, soften and reduce frizz. We can use olive oil as a natural hair conditioner to moisturize and repair damaged hair.

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