With the desire to develop and maintain the “Green Lifestyle” at Annam Gourmet, we are always trying to change and further improve the “Green Activities” at our stores so that customers of Annam Gourmet can enjoy eco-friendly services while shopping here.

We always encourage our customers to use reusable shopping bags such as paper bags or canvas ones. At all our stores, there are “Used Battery Collecting Stations”, and the program “Redeem empty glass bottles for points” on Annam Gourmet App. If you don’t have the App, you can download the app at to earn green points and redeem your points for valuable gifts from us.

This April, in order to encourage consumers to maintain an environmental lifestyle, Annam Gourmet are running the campaign “About the Planet” to spread out the spirit and together continue to create sustainable values ​​for future, comes with guaranteed quality from premium products.