Half of 2021 has passed. How have you enjoyed your moments with your loved one so far?

It can even be better when you have chances to share good food/high-quality products with your loved ones.

It is not only about how good food can satisfy your taste or bring health benefits to you, but it is also about how spending the good things with your family, your friends, your colleagues can make treasured memories.

The act of sharing, the smiles, the spirit, the stories, new things learned about each other, etc – they are the things that will be a part of your life and be your solid rock.

July welcomes us with US Independence Day and Bastille Day, both US and French cultures celebrate with tables full of delicious food, families, and friends.

With international products and international friends, you have reasons to celebrate and enjoy life with your friends.

Not only as a way of showing your loved ones how you care about them but also a chance to have delicious and cheerful moments which transport you out of Vietnam.

Since Annam is like your French friend, we hope this month can help you to slow down from the hustle and bustle of daily life, enjoy little moments, and treat yourself to good times with your loved one. Like the French always do!

Here in Annam, we deliver good food, good mood, good times.