As the world is facing an onslaught of environmental problems that build up every day, it is our responsibility to live green and promote sustainability.

To encourage sustainable living, our customers can now enjoy these “greener” services while they shop at Annam Gourmet. A strict no plastic bag policy is enforced by providing alternates like paper bags, specially designed totes and shopping bags at every store. Customers are encouraged to bring in glass bottles from previous purchases, and by recycling they may earn loyalty points. Annam Gourmet has invested in a huge sustainability scheme through packaging, recyclable products, organic/quality produce, etc.

With Earth Day on April 22nd, it will be time to promote Annam Gourmet‘s concern for the environment and consumers; a modern, civilized sustainable lifestyle that Annam Gourmet pursues while integrating the premium quality of products in Annam Gourmet.