As a Supervisor of the Customer Service team at the Central Kitchen – a position that requires many different skills, Ms.Vu Nguyen Phuong Tram always tries her best to supports employees with understanding and empathy to find solutions for all problems together.

Q: What is your daily job at Central Kitchen?
A: Before, I did almost everything, including supporting the production team. Currently, after arrangement and some changes, my team mainly works in the office. However, we also manage the delivery team. I am in charge of receiving orders, then make production plans for the kitchen team to provide enough quantity to customers, deliver goods and collect comments from customers about products.

Q: What are some pressures that you face doing this job?
A: Pressure is inevitable. I still remember when I first worked with the delivery team, I followed them on the first trip. I want to have a better understanding of their work, as well as their difficulties and struggles so I’ll be able to help and support them in the best way.

Q: Has this job affected your personal life much?
A: Sometimes it does, but for me it’s inevitable. I work directly with customers. We are in the supermarket industry and the specificity of this one is working 24/7, even on holiday. So sometimes, when customers contact me after work or even on my days off, I still try to support them as much as possible.

Q: Do you think that is your secret to success?
A: I don’t consider it a secret or any achievement. However, I always try to put myself in the others’ shoes to know what they have been through and their efforts to finish their jobs. So that I can understand and deliver the best supports to them.

Q: Do you have any encouragement or advice for young women today?
A: For me, up to now, I think that as long as I want it, I will get it. If you haven’t got it yet, it means you are not trying hard enough. One of my little pieces of advice to you is to do whatever you like, then you will have enough determination and passion to do it all.