Câu Chuyện Sáng Lập
Hưởng Thụ Cuộc Sống
Nâng Cao Nhu Cầu Ẩm Thực

“Tại Annam Gourmet, chúng tôi quan niệm rất đơn giản:
“Hãy hưởng thụ cuộc sống bằng việc nâng cao nhu cầm ẩm thực” – Nhà Sáng Lập Annam Gourmet


As a brainchild of French-Vietnamese founders, who are passionate about high-quality products and gourmet cuisine, here at Annam Gourmet, we are dedicated to celebrating the finest European cuisine. Starting up from a small store in Ho Chi Minh City with a handful of products on the shells, we’re now grown into a Retail Company with a wide range of chain stores serving customers across Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, specializing in fine food and beverage products from all over the world. Not merely a high-class chain of stores with more than 20 years of experience bringing specialties from many countries around the world to Vietnam, Annam Gourmet is also proud to be the embodiment of a green, healthy and modern lifestyle.

At Annam Gourmet, we offer a variety of high-quality commodities including international cheeses or plant-based foods, organic and gluten-free products along with organic fruits, vegetables, or imported wine and beverages. Our professional and friendly staff are always ready to help you have the most enjoyable journey of discovering the international cuisine and commit to offering you a wonderful shopping experience when visiting Annam Gourmet. 

Moreover, at every of our chain stores, we have a Annam Gourmet Lounge – a relaxed space for coffee with friends or a place to linger over European cuisine with a glass of great wine. We are constantly innovating and evolving our business to ensure you will have the best experience in gourmet food and lifestyle.


At Annam Gourmet Market, we have more than a 20-year track record of bringing the world’s finest food and beverage brands to Vietnam. We commit to offering a wide range of high gourmet products carefully selected by our team of international food experts, from groceries, cheese, and gluten-free products to organic fruits and vegetables, as well as luxury gift hampers.


We offer a wide range of Organic & GAP/VietGAP fruits & vegetables, gluten-free products, as well as Fair Trade and Protected Designation of Origin items. We have high standards and our goal is to select the highest quality products we possibly can. We define quality by evaluating the ingredients, freshness, safety, taste, nutritive value, and appearance of all of the products we carry.


Our team of food experts carefully selects the suppliers we work with to guarantee product traceability and offer you fine and fresh products. We do blind tests to determine products validated by all of our team, we pay special attention to select trustworthy suppliers with quality certificates (ISO, HACCP..).


As a representative of a healthy and modern lifestyle, a pioneer in building a sustainable green lifestyle, we always try our best in environmental protection activities including establishing Battery Recycling Stations and collecting glass bottles at all stores, using only paper and bagasse containers and trays, stop serving single-use plastic bags and encourage reusable bags when shopping at Annam Gourmet.

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