Each year, the arrival of the Mid-Autumn festival brings excitement and anticipation of a beautiful full moon and of a time to celebrate with your friends, family and coworkers. To help you make the most of this great celebration, Annam Gourmet commits to creating the perfect mooncake gift boxes. This year, we have designed two box designs, allowing you to choose the right box for the right occasion. Each mooncake and its premium gift box have been carefully crafted and designed for you to enjoy or gift to loved ones. 

During the Mid-Autumn festival, people all around Vietnam celebrate the brightness of the Autumn full moon by gathering together and reuniting with friends and family. It is a time to remind ourselves of the simple pleasures of life together with loved ones. Annam Gourmet’s 2021 collection “Peaceful Moonlight” emphasizes the beauty, peace and happiness of this season. The moon, lotus pond and rabbit, symbols of tranquility and good luck, all come together to create a peaceful ensemble that ornate these elegant and reusable boxes.

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