Dear Valued Customer,

Every day, we are not only cooking and promoting clean and organic high-quality local products but also orientating and supporting our producers and farmers to deliver their products in eco-friendly packaging. Packaging is fundamental in our capability to provide Annam Gourmet’s Customers with the high-quality products we offer, however, we cannot do this at the expense of the environment.

As a premium retailer committed to providing and nurturing the best possible quality and safety in the promotion of sustainable ingredients, we want to play our part to accelerate the use of bio-degradable packaging.

We are proud to share our achievements on sustainable packaging solutions. A significant milestone was in 2018 when we stopped using plastic shopping bags and we have continued to develop more reusable and ecofriendly packaging through 2019 with over 75% made from biodegradable materials (this is achieved 100% for all shopping bags). Furthermore, we actively advertise recycling programs and encourage all of our stores & customers to sort waste for recycling collection.

Now, we are going to take the next step in preserving natural resources and reducing the environmental effects of paper waste, so we would like to inform you that starting from January 1st, 2020we will no longer be offering free shopping bags. We do understand that you may not always remember to bring your own bags so these will still be available to purchase if you really need them.

Together, we will make the big change now!

Thank you.

Annam Gourmet