The Annam Gourmet’s campaign for March is to honor feminism, and also to support gender equality. Let’s explore the journeys of the women in Annam Gourmet, from our female customers to our female workforce!

“I am proud to be a woman, so I have never seen it as an obstacle. There were some ups and downs in my career path that made me feel frustrated and tired. I even wanted to give up sometimes. However, I tried my best to get over and be more confident now.” – Sharing from Ms.Nguyen Hong Phuong – Store Manager at Annam Gourmet Hai Ba Trung, who’s been working at Annam Gourmet for almost 8 years.

Q: On the path of becoming a manager, have you ever encountered obstacles just because you are a woman?
A: I’ve never felt so as the company always creates the best conditions for the employees to complete their jobs and build up a professional working environment to help me develop myself as much as possible. Besides that,  as a culinary lover, working at Annam Gourmet gives me a chance to be exposed to varieties of products from many different cultures. It is an opportunity for me to learn and improve a lot of knowledge every day to be a better version of myself.

Q: What are your favorite things about doing at Annam Gourmet?
A: The working environment is probably the factor that I love most during my many years working at Annam Gourmet. Professionalism is indispensable in every company, but in Annam, she also feels the bond between members, just like in a family. Everyone always supports and mentors each other on work to develop together, all for one goal of building a growing company.

Q: Can you share your secret of success? And what do you want to remind the girls in asserting their worth in their career?
A: Be persistent, make efforts and keep learning. As long as you have faith in yourself, believe in your abilities, keep moving forward and persistently learning, you will make everything happen.