Whether you want to add more plant-based meals to your diet or are simply looking to change up your salad game, you’ll find tons of inspiration in the salad recipes below. These recipes are perfect for passing at potlucks, serving as dinner sides, and enjoying full meals at home with loved ones.

 Avocado Salad

Made with an abundance of rich and creamy avocados, vibrant tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, bright red onions, and a fresh herb dressing. A healthy side that’s perfect for a summer lunch or dinner!

Salade paysanne

Salade paysanne or peasant salad is a traditional French salad. Although there are a few versions, it’s usually prepared with a combination of lettuce or endive, ham, lardons, cheese such as Gruyere or Roquefort, walnuts, tomatoes, potatoes, and soft-boiled eggs.

Mesclun Salad with Goat Cheese, Maple-Glazed Pecans & Maple Dijon Vinaigrette

It’s perfect for entertaining — the glazed pecans and goat cheese dress it up, and the vinaigrette is one of those salty-sweet-tangy flavor combinations that everyone loves.

Tomato Avocado Cucumber Chick Pea Salad with Feta and Greek Lemon Dressing

This is a very summery salad with such vibrant flavors. I love the way the lemon fairs with the fresh herbs and how it just brightens the flavors of the fresh veggies and fruits.

Avocado Caprese Chicken Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Avocado Caprese Chicken Salad drizzled with a light Balsamic Vinaigrette. This quick & easy dinner recipe is a fan favorite! Seared chicken, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and creamy avocados topped with shredded basil. A light refreshing chicken salad recipe that’s perfect for summer!