Among thousands of different brands, from origin to price, choosing a bottle of wine that suits each person’s wishes is not easy.
Seeing it as both a motivation and a joy in his daily work, Mr. Nguyen Hieu Tam – Wine and Beverage supervisor at Annam Gourmet Saigon Pearl store – despite having 7 years of experience and many training courses, he is constantly improving his knowledge to help foodies choose the most suitable drink!

Q: When you advise customers, do you face any difficulties?

T: In general, I have a little difficulty in advising some special customer,  because the wine is quite diverse (types, labels, …). There are some customers who are familiar with wine, then they need the top quality wine, and they only want the wine to match their taste, then it is important to know if the customer has used many types of wine or not, is really a wine connoisseur or not, to advise on the right wine. If new customers are just beginners, I will advise them the light-bodied wine and easy to drink.

Q. How do you gain the knowledge about wines?

T: Before I entered Annam, I  had an opportunity to take part in a training session on the basics of wine. Moreover,  my former superior at Phu My Hung store supported and taught me a lot of things about wine. Then, at the same time, I also did my own research on some reliable website about wine.

Q. How to preserve wine for the best quality?

T: Wines are mostly stored and displayed at the store where always has room temperature, away from direct light, in a well-ventilated place, they will keep the best quality to the customer.

Q. How has your life changed while working at Annam and specifically at the Wine stall?

T: Partly, I learned more knowledge about wine, the other part, I learned more about goods in countries around the world. Working at Annam has made my life more stable and better.

Q. What is it about wine that makes you love this job?

T: I really like the way the experts make wine, the way they select the grapes to make wines with impressive flavors that always attract me. For me, knowing more knowledge about wine, how to enjoy the right technique to know what kind of wine it is, from which grape variety, and in which year it was produced always gives me a great feeling.

Q. The story you always remember is related to wine?

T: The wine training session at Warehouse Le Thanh Ton made me remember forever because of the story of a wine expert, he told about the history and special wines in the foreign country where he lived. That story still makes an impression on me that I will never forget.