Annam Gourmet would like to thank our customers for your trust and companionship until today. At the same time, we would like to send our best wishes to half of the world on the occasion of loving March!
Let’s take a look on Mrs.Ha – Gold member at Annam Gourmet and her sharing about Annam Gourmet, as well as the young ladies!

Q: What do you like most when shopping at Annam Gourmet?
A: The first thing to mention is the food, which is delicious and fresh. I often buy salads for myself, ham and cheese for my husband. Secondly, I love the space at Annam Gourmet, giving me a feeling of excitement and comfort. Every day I come here to have lunch with my husband.

Q: What is your current job?
A: I teach knitting and crocheting for orphans or the women at the Local Women’s Union and Thanh Nien cultural house to help people gain more money. I have been doing this for 7-8 years.

Q: What is your motivation to maintain and execute this job for many years?
A: The starting point is from my daughter. When she was a child, I often knitted hats for her, and she loved them. I was also questioned and praised by everyone. Since then, I learned more about this and formed my passion. Later, seeing the children in orphanages or the women who have been through hard times can have more income from handmade knitting items; this motivates me every day.

Q: Do you have any advice for the young ladies?
A: I can see all the girls in this generation are good, very active and enthusiastic. Because of that, sometimes we neglect our family and forget to take care of the house. As a person from another generation, my opinions might slightly different from you all. However, I think no matter how strong and energetic we are on the outside, as Asian women, we better spend more time with our family, be soft and gentle. And also learn to balance between family and career.